Local,ISD,ISD Jio Rate cutters for All India Tariff Plans, Internet Recharge, SMS Packs

Local,ISD,ISD Jio Rate cutters for All India Tariff Plans, Internet Recharge, SMS Packs 2018

Jio Rate Cutters Plan last Updated on 25/August/2018


JioPhone Rate Cutters



Rate Cutters Benefits



₹49 Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming calling + 1GB data + 50 SMS [Only for JioPhone users] (28 Days)
₹99 Unlimited Calling (Local/STD/Roaming) + 0.5GB data per day (thereafter unlimited data with speed upto 64Kbps) + 300 SMS + Jio Apps subsciption [Only for JioPhone users] (28 Days)
₹153 Unlimited Calling (Local/STD/Roaming) + 1.5GB data per day (thereafter unlimited data with speed upto 64Kbps) + 100 SMS/day + Jio Apps subsciption [Only for JioPhone users] (28 Days)



JioPrime Rate Cutters


₹11 400 MB 4G Data (Valid Till Base Pack)
₹19 Unlimited Calling (Local/STD/Roaming) + 150MB 4G data + 100 SMS (1 Day)
₹21 1GB 4G Data (Valid Till Base Pack)
₹51 3GB 4G Data (Valid Till Base Pack)
₹52 Unlimited Calling (Local/STD/Roaming) + 150MB/day 4G Data + 70 SMS (7 Days)
₹98 Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls + 2 GB data + 300 SMS (28 Days)
₹101 6GB 4G Data (Valid Till Base Pack)
₹149 Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls + 1.5 GB 4G data/day + 100 SMS per day (28 Days)
₹198 Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls + 2 GB 4G data/day + 100 SMS per day (28 Days)
(28 Days)
Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls + 3GB 4G data/day + 100 SMS/day (28 Days)
₹349 Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls + 1.5 GB 4G data/day + 100 SMS per day (70 Days)
₹398 Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls + 2 GB 4G data/day + 100 SMS per day (70 Days)
₹399 Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls + 1.5 GB 4G data/day + 100 SMS per day (84 Days)
₹448 Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls + 2 GB 4G data/day + 100 SMS per day (84 Days)
₹449 Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls + 1.5 GB 4G data/day + 100 SMS per day (91 Days)
₹498 Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls + 2 GB 4G data/day + 100 SMS per day (91 Days)
₹509 Unlimited Calling (Local/STD/Roaming) + 4GB/day 4G Data + 100 SMS/day (28 Days)
₹799 Unlimited Calling (Local/STD/Roaming) + 5GB 4G/day 4G Data + 100 SMS/day (28 Days)
₹999 Unlimited Calling (Local/STD/Roaming) + 60 GB 4G Data + 100 SMS/day (90 Days)
₹1999 Unlimited Calling (Local/STD/Roaming) + 125GB 4G Data + 100 SMS/day (180 Days)
₹4999 Unlimited Calling (Local/STD/Roaming) + 350GB 4G Data + 100 SMS/day (360 Days)
₹9999 Unlimited Calling (Local/STD/Roaming) + 750 GB 4G data + 100 SMS/day (360 Days)




Redmi 5A Rate Cutters

₹199 Unlimited Calling (Local/STD/Roaming) + 1GB/day 4G Data+ 100 SMS/day [Only for Redmi 5A users] (28 Days)




₹10 7.7 Talktime (Unlimited)
₹20 15.39 Talktime (Unlimited)
₹50 40.48 Talktime (Unlimited)
₹100 100 Talktime (Unlimited)
₹200 200 Talktime (Unlimited)
₹300 300 Talktime (Unlimited)
₹500 500 Talktime (Unlimited)
₹750 750 Talktime (Unlimited)
₹1000 1000 Talktime (Unlimited)
₹2000 2000 Talktime (Unlimited)
₹5000 5000 Talktime (Unlimited)











Cricket Pack

₹251 2GB data/day (You can use this data to access all internet content.) 51 Days





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